You Make These Vaccine Bottles Mistakes?

Plastic injection vial in China is made of bottle and stopper cap,plastic bottle for injection mainly utilized in vaccine market. With the rapid development of aquaculture industry, and the vigorous evolution of the pet market, people has disease due to the animal, which also make individuals pay more attention to vaccine marketplace. So vaccine development and research was promoted and vaccine jar was appeared.
Plastic injection vial can be devided into two kinds, one is small dimension plastic injection vial and yet another is big plastic injection bottle. But, vaccine packaging is usually using glass bottle more than plastic injection bottle, with the development of plastic injection bottle as a new vaccine packaging appeared.
Plastic injection bottle has its own unique advantages, and started to be widely embraced, because has not fully to so for the usage of plastic bottles continue to be in use this caused several pharmaceutical companies to different manufacturer replenish onr's inventory, respectively, plastic and glass bottles, then many glass producers should require manufacturing of plastic bottles. Cosmetic bottles of vaccine production technology through continuous innovation, product selection diverse, in precisely the same time as the country to the veterinary drug packaging industry standardization management, perfecting relevant policies, it also strengthens the veterinary medicine packaging sector shake-out, makes the veterinary medicine packaging industry continuing and stable development.
Plastic injection vial can be divided into two part, one is that PP antoclaved vaccine bottle, yet another is that COP vials, which can also referred to as injection solution bottle. Xinfuda can offer customer design and big volume for a short time.
Plastic injection vial mainly adopted sterile by EO, the size of vaccine jar such as from 10ml to 250ml, which factor with high temperature resistance. Another is COP injection vial made of Cyclo Olefin Polymer, which is resistant to powerful alkali medicine, many cancer drug use COP packaging to keep liquid medication stable for a lengthy duration. Of course, low protein adsorption is also a massive merit compared with glass vials.
Plastic injection vials can offer you sterile and all around the world shipping.

Compared with plastic bottle, plastic bottle for injection has significant features:
To begin with, veterinary plastic vials in order to ensure the drug in the period of validity of being affected with moist be affected with moist, metamorphism, veterinary vinyl has great sealing and resistance, permeability, can prevent light, heat, water vapor and oxygen on the influence of medication.
Second, Bottles of the lining of the direct contact with drugs, bottle making substances must conform to the demands of pharmaceutical packaging, to guarantee the safety of the drug.
Third, plastic jar for injection shape, structure and sizes ought to be adapted to the pharmaceutical enterprises of numerous filler loading petition, to meet the requirements of high speed automatic filling machine.